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Symptoms are the formation of edema, extensive hematoma, acute pain, and sometimes shock.

Help is determined by the severity of the injury, from compresses to surgery.


UV damagein summer, chemicals, hot liquids. Symptoms depend on the severity of the burn, ranging from swelling and redness to skin death. Treatment, as a result of which an erection is restored, is also determined by the severity of the damage.


The foreskin is a fold of skin whose main purpose is to protect the glans of the penis.

In its absence, excessive irritation of nerve receptors is inevitable during movement (running, walking), contact with underwear.

Its systematic repetition causes a reduction in the sensitivity of the head, which is necessary for the appearance of an erection.

In this regard, a man develops a habit of restraining during intercourse, which can result in the development of persistent erectile dysfunction. The problem is successfully solved by plastic surgery of the bridle.

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The procedure involves a surgical dissection of the frenum, performed under general anesthesia.

The process takes a maximum of 30 minutes, after its completion, the man's ability to work is not limited by anything.

Regardless of what causes of erectile dysfunction are suspected, you should see your doctor. The specialist will carry out the necessary research.

The urologist determines the latency of the reflex by studying the contraction of the sphincter or by palpation.

If testing the innervation of the penis suggests diabetes, a nerve disorder, additional studies of nerve functionality are included.

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Treatment for erectile dysfunction depends on the reasons why it has occurred.

In the case of endocrine disorders, patients are prescribed hormonal tablets or gels

For drug reasons, the doctor selects drugs that do not affect potency. Elimination of neurological causes consists in treating the underlying disease that caused problems with potency.

Anatomical changes in the penis that negatively affect erection are removed surgically

Psychological reasons require a special approach: rest, relaxation, creating a trusting atmosphere between partners, or even talking with a doctor (psychologist, sex therapist).

The doctor determines the optimal action in a situation of erectile dysfunction. The following methods are currently being practiced: The method consists in positioning the penis in a pressure reservoir prior to sexual intercourse.

An erection obtained in this way lasts for at least one contact

The "vessel" adheres tightly to the body, the necessary action is carried out by means of a pump. Manipulation causes the arteries of the penis to expand, resulting in an erection. A special tourniquet is used to delay the venous outflow of blood, it captures the base of the organ before extraction.

Among the positive aspects are safety, lack of pain, increased sensitivity

It consists in taking drugs that stimulate blood flow in the vessels of the penis, which solves the problem of erectile dysfunction. The most famous is "Viagra", "Levitra", "Cialis" are also used. According to clinical trials, the effectiveness of Viagra does not exceed 75%.

However, there are also disadvantages - insufficient quality of erection, inconvenience of use

The drugs are not recommended to be used on their own. The instructions contain a long list of side effects that are likely to occur with continued use. Adequate choice of dose and frequency of use helps to reduce the danger. Therefore, a consultation with a doctor is required.

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This method of fighting erectile dysfunction has been practiced since 1975. An injection of a vasodilator is done before each act.

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The injection site is the corpus cavernosum of the penis. The action of the drug provides a long lasting erection. The permissible frequency of use does not exceed once a week, the selection is individual, made in conjunction with the doctor.

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The method has disadvantages, including the danger of complications, inconvenience of use. The risk of side effects has decreased significantly in recent years, only compliance with medical prescriptions is important.

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The drug is injected half an hour before contact, using a special device. The zone of administration of the drug is the urethra. The result is a high-quality erection, which is maintained from oneone hour. As in the previous case, the method repels many of the inconvenience of use. Another disadvantage is the high cost of the medicine.

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Surgical intervention becomes a necessity only in especially difficult cases, for example, this method eliminates the defeat of the veno-occlusive mechanism of the penis. In most situations, conservative treatment is effective.

Simulate running in place. In the process of execution, the socks are kept on the floor, only the heels “work”, the man shifts from foot to foot. Movement requires speed, knees function as intensely as possible. It is better to start with a minute of "running", gradually increasing the load to 5.

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With erectile dysfunction, good results are shown by exercises that have a stimulating effect on potency.